View from Bense Village.

Eternity Car Imports, Tony Charles, Proprietor, will help you obtain and import your own car, SUV, minivan, or other type vehicle in Dominica.

The photo to the right is a view over the Atlantic Ocean with Guadeloupe on the horizon, taken from Bense Village in the northeast of Dominica, where we are located.

Send us an e-mail: eternitycars45@gmail.com.

Call us at our US number (954) 495-4931.

Call or fax us at our land-line Dominica number (767) 445-4652or call us at our Dominica mobile number (767) 235-4652.

Some vehicles we have imported for satisfied customers...

Toyota SUV
Do you want a late model top-of-the-line SUV? Here's a Toyota SUV typical of what we can get for you.

Suzuki SUV
How about an economical older SUV in great condition? Here's a Suzuki SUV we got for another happy client, who gave us the testimonial below.

We got our car through a wonderful man named Tony Charles. He got us a 1996 Suzuki V-6 loaded with only 30,000 miles on it directly from Japan. Its base import price F.O.B Dominica was US$6000; and that was very low compared with 4-cylinder models of the same year with very high mileage available in the US. And coming from Japan, it has right-hand drive. It is important that you work through an honest and well-recommended person such as Tony, because you need someone to be the agent to find you your car, import it, get it through customs, and deliver it to you. My name is Dan Tanner and you can contact me at djt@dan-ruth-tanner.com.

A super Toyota Gl bus that we supplied for a Dominican customer. It is running passengers daily between Calibishie on the northeast Atlantic coast to the capital Roseau on the southwest Caribbean coast.

Tony office delivery
I'm Tony Charles, Proprietor of Eternity Car & Taxi Imports, at your service. Our office is ready to serve you, and we will be pleased to personally deliver your vehicle to you.