Model TR-10
Electronic Associates, Inc.
West Long Branch, New Jersey

This is an Model TR-10 desktop analog computer. Operating range: +/- 10 volts DC Computing Elements: 20 DC amplifiers 20 Coefficient setting potentimeters Options: Up to 18 integrator networks Up to 18 quarter-square multipliers Up to 9 variable DFG (Diode Function Generators) Up to 9 fixed DFG 1 Relay Comparator 1 Display module

It is the first type of computer that I worked on when I took a job at EAI in 1960 after my service in the Navy. I began as a technician working on testing and troubleshooting the operational amplifiers that it used. "Op amps" are the heart of analog computers.

The 1961 EAI "Engineers" Softball Team

We had 12 guys but only 9 jerseys! The team: (l-r standing) Dan Sinnott, Dick Schmidt, Jim Bruno, John MacKay, Alex Langa, Larry Cassett, Bob Welle, Larry Lotito, Ray Schmidt. (front l-r) Dan Tanner, Jim Bennett, Dick Price.

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