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More Links to Love!

Hanneke Cassel. I met the charming young 1997 U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Champion at the 2008 Blackstone River Theater's second annual Celtic Music Festival. She is all the Boston Globe review you can find on her Web site says and more.

Rose City Bluegrass. I met Charlie Williamson at the San Francisco airport. Read about our impromptu concert.

Folk Alley an excellent folk music resource.

Amazing Things Arts Center A great venue for artistic expression in Framingham expression.

Lisa Bastoni An amazing young talented young singer, songwriter, and guitarist, whose spakling wit and personality shine in her work and expression.

Zo Tobi Talented young singer, songwriter, and guitarist.

John Ferullo This personable singer, songwriter, guitarist also runs the Parish Center for the Arts open mic in Westford MA.

Mark Dix Extraordinary singer/songrwiter, guitarist.

Durango Mango -- Tops in Country & Western, and available locally! I really enjoy playing with them at the twice monthly jamboree.

Singer-Songwiter Ellen Schmidt. Ellen also hosts open mics, performs with "Two for the Show and more!

Singer-Songwriter-Comic Don White. His picture ought to be next to "poignant" in the dictionary.

Singer-Songwriter Carl Cacho. A deservedly up and coming young artist.

Fox Run house concerts. Thanks to Laurie and Neil (and he's a fine musician).

Circle of Friends Coffeehouse. Presented by Jake Jacobson.

Atwater-Donnelly (Aubrey & Elwood, that is) Fine friends and Providence's premier folk duo.

Christine Lavin homepage The very best combined humor, insight & melody!

Robbie O'Connell is amazing! Melody, wit, humor from one man.

Tom Rush - need I say more? A sentimental favorite.

Paul Rishell & Annie Raines. The Dynamic Duo of traditional blues.

Willard House & Clock Museum. Near our home.

USS Lloyd Thomas DDE-764 I served aboard the Lloyd Thomas from 1959-60. Ralph Sutton, a contemporary shipmate, constructed and managed this wonderful nostalgia site. Go to the "Crew Members" page from the menu and browse down to the overall "1947-1972 Crew Members List" which will take you to a page with alphabet letters. Click on T and you will find my name listed, along with a link to a photo of me as an electronic technicial school member of the Great Lakes Naval Training Center drill team (age 19), an e-mail link back to me, and a link to my Web site.
Thank you, Ralph!

Nature Island The site created by Colin Anthony Lee.

Dominica Guide From the Royal Caribbean Cruises Web site. We have exchanged links because RCC liked my Dominica travelogue on this site. Click on "Travel Services" in the Dominica Guide to see the link back to our home page.