The Rheinfall.

Europe's largest waterfall by volume, the Rheinfall can be seen from where some Tanners still live. This view is from a park at the end of the street. The Rheinfall is powering the train. The castle is now a youth hostel. There's a restaurant below the trees, unseen in this view. Visitors can cross the Rhein by boat or take a boat to the rock in the center of the falls and climb to the flag platform. This was possible even in the days of rowing, before motors, because the eddies and currents were known and used. The rocks below the castle are catacombs.

The Ancestral Tanner Home.

Dad's mother made this needlepoint of the house where he was born in Schaffhausen (just about a mile upstream from Neuhausen and the Rheinfall). She sent it to him in the USA in 1930.

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