Summerfield School, Class of 1954

Front (left to right): Josette Geraud, Sally Felder, Mr. Weber, our 8th grade teacher), Billy Tilton, (Mr. Jones, Principal), Jackie Dempsey, Sue Hart.

2nd Row (left to right): Marion Estlow, Dan Tanner (me), Bobbi Height, Gary Knox, Candy White, John Sauer, Lois Dence.

3rd - middle - Row (left to right): Dick Wieger, Deanna Poland, David Traub, Carol Higley, Clarence Latshaw, Jeanne Laughlin, Bruce Montgomery.

4th Row (left to right): Ray Poland, Cathy Schmidt, Mike Kubar, Wilma Dunn, George Pedota (see remarks below), Sue Wall, Chris Stewart, Priscilla Lane.

Top Row (left to right): Mary "Betsy" Megill, Richard Wood, Arlene "Nancy" Olson, Nick Olson, Shirley Davidson, Jim Dempsey, Pat Sculthorpe, Harry Stimax.

Some remarks: Josette joined us from France in 7th grade. One day, she tried to shoo away a skunk that was opening the delivered milk on her porch. (Skunks are not native to France.) We had to send her home from school! George later adopted his mother's maiden name; I met him again at Monmouth College as George Grodberg. The boys were told to have blue suits for graduation and this photo. Nick Olson decided that meant "powder blue". Nancy and Nick are not related. Neither are Jim and Jackie. Ray and Deanna are brother and sister.

I was the youngest in the class. Billy was the smallest. Harry was the oldest. Dick's mother was the high school principal's sectetary. Bruce's mother had taught 4th grade. Richard's family owned a plant nursery on Wayside Road, and I was also friends with his brother Herb. Clarence later owned a TV repair business. I ended up working at three places with Clarence, a TV manufacturer in Asbury Park right after high school, Electronic Associates in West Long Branch after I got my Navy discharge, and Interdata in Oceanport in the mid 1970s. But we didn't know about the latter two until we got in touch through in 2001!

Special thanks to Sally for her help with captioning!
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