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Untitled-Scanned-39 You could easily film a western here. Untitled-Scanned-42 Ruth is looking at ancient Carib Indian carvings on the cliff. Untitled-Scanned-43_Ruth_cliffwriting Here's one. Untitled-Scanned-44 A view of Bonaire from its highest point. Untitled-Scanned-45 Untitled-Scanned-46 Salt in piles and salt evaporating ponds. Untitled-Scanned-47 There're plenty of wild goats. Untitled-Scanned-48 A property marker (foreground, right) and the tiny huts used to house the wretched slaves in early days of salt production. Untitled-Scanned-49 Ruth shows the scale of a slave Untitled-TrueColor-05 If you didn't know you were on a small island, you could imagine yourseld in a vast desert. Untitled-TrueColor-06 Some beaches are rugged. Untitled-TrueColor-07 Thorny acacia trees also grow here. Untitled-TrueColor-08 A bay holds abundant shellfish. Untitled-TrueColor-13 Just look at the pile of conch shells. Untitled-TrueColor-14 A small bird nests atop a cactus. Untitled-TrueColor-15 A pretty cactus flower. Untitled-TrueColor-17 A weaver bird's nest blows in the wind. Untitled-TrueColor-22 The parrot is probably not native.  Here it's perched in a cultivated (and watered) fruit tree. Untitled-TrueColor-23 Banded angelfish.  I took these underwater photos while snorkeling, using a rented Kodak 110.  The white sand is limestone excreta from parrotfish, which crunch coral off with their beaks and separate out the nourishment. Untitled-TrueColor-24 Squirrelfish Untitled-TrueColor-25 Grunts Untitled-TrueColor-30 Clown wrasses Untitled-TrueColor-31 Pipefish Untitled-TrueColor-32 Juvenile wrasse Untitled-TrueColor-33 A wrasse cleans a squirrelfish. Untitled-TrueColor-38 Cowfish Untitled-TrueColor-39 Parrotfish (left) and a sergeant-major. Untitled-TrueColor-40 Feeding frenzy of scissortails -- see my fingers on the right?  I was feeding them bread from a plastic bag; the fish on the resort beach are used to this. Untitled-TrueColor41_Ruth_end-of-day Although the water is warm, it is cooler than body temperature.  Ruth relaxes and warms up after a day of snorkeling.