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Syndicate_IMG_0479 Syndicate_IMG_0474 Syndicate_IMG_0473 Syndicate_IMG_0467 Syndicate_IMG_0468 crab_IMG_0466 A river crab at Syndicate. Syndicate_IMG_0469 Syndicate_Ruth_Chelsi_IMG_0472 Ruth and Chelsi at Syndicate Falls. Syndicate_seedpod_IMG_0484 Seed pod at the falls, unusual because of its four lobes is as uncommon as a four-leaf clover. Syndicate_IMG_0495 Halfway down returning from the national park, breaking out of rain forest at elevation we can see the Caribbean. Concord_River_IMG_0432 Swimming hole in the Concord River. Concord_River_IMG_0433 Another view of the swimming hole. Sisserou_Falls_IMG_0431 Sisserou Falls is a nice place to swim, and it's right next to the central road. Sisserou_Falls_IMG_0417 The lower pools at Sisserou Falls. Sisserou_Falls_IMG_0416 Sisserou_Falls_IMG_0426 Sisserou_Falls_IMG_0419 Sisserou_Falls_IMG_0420 Sisserou_Falls_IMG_0421 Sisserou Falls and its upper pool. Sisserou_Falls_IMG_0422 Sisserou_Falls_IMG_0423 Sisserou_Falls_IMG_0427 Sisserou_Falls_Ranger_IMG_0428 Sisserou_Falls_Ranger_IMG_0430 Sisserou_Falls_Ruth_IMG_0424 You can jump in to the left of the rock behind Ruth and the current will carry you out to the right. Sisserou_Falls_Ruth_IMG_0425 Ruth gets a water massage over her shoulders. Sand_Bay_IMG_0448 Sand Bay, also known as Middle Bay, at Marigot, an Atlantic beach. Sand_Bay_IMG_0449 Sand_Bay_IMG_0455 Sand_Bay_IMG_0451 Sand_Bay_IMG_0450 Sand_Bay_IMG_0454
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